WATCH OUT! YOU have the chance to be like Vern International top hairdressing team in the picture above only in 5-day course!!

Vern Both-Handed Perfect Cutting Course Starts right now and Dearest YOU should hold the last chance for this year!

Time:10th ~ 14th of Sept. 2007

Course:Vern Both-Handed Faultless Cutting Technique System

Tuition:USD 1,370.00 


(1)Fill out the application below

(2)Pay 50% Deposit (USD 685.00) by credit card for a guarantee before 31st of August. 2007. Please see the attachment along with the mail

Course Venue: Vern’s head office in Tainan Taiwan .

We offer YOU:

(1) Specialize Scissors X 2 pieces; one for right-hand and the other for left-hand.

(2) A Formal Certificate.

(3) Additional: We help you arrange the hotel commendation at www.hotel-dynasty.com.tw ..


1.The last open for Both-Handed course of this year and only 5 NUMBES of people are available at this moment!

2.Left hand handles the left side and right hand handles the right side not only make the haircutting easier, save time and cozy operation, but also create the same hair flow in two sides of the hair.

3.Enable you have a big differentiation from others and beef up your competitive strength.

4.Only 5 days, YOU will obtain the world-class exclusive technique just like Vern International Hairdressing team owns the strongest market differentiation in hairdressing.

For more information, please contact Vern@vern.com.tw or call: + 886 6 234 8541

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